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Fishing Bait Tips

If your looking to learn a few fishing bait tips and tricks you’ve come to the right place. We offer our knowledge on the best carp baits, pike bait, and other coarse fishing baits, so you can have more success on the water.

Pike Fishing Baits – The Bluey (Pacific Saury) Alternative

There is a plethora of deadbaits available that the predatory pike will happily take. Different venues and different seasons often effect how readily or appetising these deadbaits are in the eyes of the Pike, however in the last couple of years a deadbait has made its way onto the market both in the coarse and sea angling scene, with devastating effect regardless of the season… Continue reading

Fishing Worms – How to Get the Best Worms for Fishing

The quickest and easiest way to collect the superior fishing worms from your garden!

Worms are a super fishing bait. Their irresistable wriggling movement, combined with their natural releasing of amino acids into the water, excite and hunger fish often resulting in frantic feeding. They have the potential to catch almost all types of coarse species, appealing to smaller fish along with the larger specimens, and can be used on the hook as well as chopped into groundbait and mixes. The best thing about this killer bait… they’re free!

Continue reading

Stop Crayfish from Eating/Taking Your Baits

They are incredibly annoying, widespread, and infuriatingly clever in their bait stealing tactics; we are of course talking about the infamous crayfish in our fishing waters.

In recent years the American Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) has progressively swept through European fishing waters, including the UK, causing stress, havoc and much grievance amongst anglers.

main-cray1Losing confidence in your tactics is one thing, but being unsure whether there’s even a bait left on the end of your line is even more demoralising. You could be sitting there waiting for a run that might not even be a possibility in the first place, all because a cheeky crayfish has stolen your hook bait Continue reading

Fishing Baits - Tips & Tricks

The fish bait section offers a variety of fishing bait tips, bait ideas, and help on bait presentation. Please get in touch if you have any fishing bait tips or articles to contribute....

Home Made DIY Fish Baits

The range of fishing baits available that catch coarse fish is endless. Carp bait alone is a huge market that has become very commercialised, notably with the evolution of the boilie. However these commercialised baits can be quite expensive depending on how much you use. You have to consider that its not just hook baits you'll use, but ground bait and loose feed too. This is why learning to how to collect your own worms, and create your own bait can not only save money, but be rewarding and deliver amazing results at the same time. We'd also encourage trying new baits and sure you'll come across some in our fish bait compendium, which is constantly growing with weird and wonderful bait ideas along with the more standard style baits. Bait presentation; one of our latest articles focuses on ways to protect your hook bait from crayfish which is a problem now on many UK venues. On top of these we teach you skills such as collecting worms, and creating your own baits..