Easy Homemade Groundbait Recipe

A quick and easy, storable groundbait for carp and coarse fish, ideal for single sessions or baiting up areas over a long period of time. Make it at home in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Groundbait Ingredients
  2. Methodology
  3. Groundbait Preparation
  4. Storage

Groundbait Ingredients and Equipment

Groundbait Constituents Sweetcorn, Bread

  • Budget: £2. Dependent on how much you want to make, but this will easily make enough for two sessions. Have a look at our bonus groundbait additions below if you have more of a budget.
  • Bread – White and brown together ideally, but work fine just on their own. This is the backbone ingredient. The best places/time to get bread can be at closing time at supermarkets or at the bakery when its reduced and drying out anyway. Use one loaf (800grams) for the mix.
  • Sweetcorn – The cheapest will do, drain and retain the can juice in a bottle, but dry the sweetcorn out if you have time. You will need one small tin for the mix.
  • Angel Delight – Or equivalent, ideally stawberry flavour. One pack per mix.
  • Instant Custard Powder – Just a few pennys from Sainsburys, but this addition is crucial adding more flavour and also creating a superb cloud effect in the water. One pack per groundbait mixture.
  • Liquidiser – This will do the hard work!
    Extra Bonus Ingredients

  • Pellets – Bonus pellets can be liquidised and added to the groundbait mixture.
  • Boilies Crushed – Bonus boilies can be crushed and added into the groundbait mix.
  • Maggots – Add at the venue.
  • Worms – Chop and add at the venue.

Quick Groundbait Methodology Overview

The idea is that particle baits (eg the sweetcorn) are combined and complimented with a cloud effect in the water from the crumb and powders, and a sweet groundbait pungency that permeates through the water.

Preparation – How to make?

  1. If you have the time dry the sweetcorn out so it can be liquidised easily. If you do not dry the sweetcorn out add it to the mix at the end or at the fishing venue.
  2. Dry the bread out for several hours if you have time too. If there is no time for this it is not imperative, you will just have to add less water to the final mix.
  3. Liquidise all the bread, then use the bread bag as the storage container if you like.
  4. Add the strawberry angel delight and instant custard powder to the liquidised bread in the bag and shake well.
  5. At this point add any extra pellets or crushed boilies etc to the mix, and shake.
  6. Finally empty the sweetcorn juice into a bottle, then liquidise half of the sweetcorn (if dried) and add this and the other half into the bag, providing a range of particle sizes. If the sweetcorn isn’t dry do not liquidise it simply add at the venue with the sweetcorn tin juices.
  7. Add any further extra ingredients (maggots, worms etc) if avaliable at the venue, then add the retained sweetcorn juice, possibly some extra water to create a stiffer mixture ready for use as loose groundbait to throw in, or with feeders.

Groundbait Storage and Where to use?

The groundbait mix is best stored in the freezer until use and taken out one hour before to defrost. It can be made well in advance and stored for long periods in the freezer.

The mix is great for Carp Fishing and appeals to most other coarse fish across commercial venues and rivers. It is a killer groundbait for attracting shoals of bream and can result in some super catch counts and non-stop action!

It can be particularly effective on rivers sending an irresistible smell through the current creating a traceable slip stream, and the cloud effect can produce a flurry of activity and competition resulting in quick bites.

8 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Groundbait Recipe

  1. Davre

    just done a mix minus the sweetcorn but may add some soaked pellets trying out on awsworth section Nottingham canal tomorrow sunday 9th thanks for the base recipe

  2. scott

    used this mix and added some 10mm halibut pelletts and also blended up some pepperami off to try it out now at kingsnordly the willow pool

  3. WAYNE

    Thank you for this, I have made the mix with some coconut milk powder, and some crushed up beef dog biscuits. I found adding frozen sweet corn at the lake side brilliant, it looked awesome and I landed my first ever 15lb carp.
    Well chuffed.
    Thanks once again.

  4. Mike forster

    Have used this as a Base mix for bulking up my ground bait, have a good deal going with a local shop who has fresh loaves which expire everyday, having crumbed that I dry fried the sweetcorn so it goes hard. If you are going for tench or carp add in biscuits best one’s I have found for flavour smell and sweetness is ginger nut biscuits. Just throw them in the blender and crumb them completely down, this makes it go a lot further and a lot more attractive to the fish.


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