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We focus our efforts on a small range of fishing equipment, regularly rating and shortlisting the best tackle products into Top 5’s, Top 10’s etc and try to accomodate all budgets. Essentially, as our slogan says, we fish out the tackle, so you save money, and spend more time fishing out the fish!

Coarse and Carp Fishing Tackle

The range of fishing equipment on the market is growing rapidly, and choosing tackle is becoming more difficult and time consuming, particularly for those new to the sport and indecisive anglers! Our shortlisted selection covers a range of tackle from fishing rigs to bait boats with a handpicked collections of the best items. Our aim is to save you time and money, and educate new anglers.

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Choose the Right Fishing Tackle

Right TackleAlong with reeling out the best fishing tackle deals and discounts in the UK, our aim is to help anglers choose the right fishing tackle for the job, and catch more fish!

Whether new to the sport or not, it’s always useful to get some advice before deciding which fishing tackle suits best. With such an expansive range of equipment available, even simply choosing a line has become a daunting task!

Whatever coarse or carp angling equipment you’re looking for, CFR will help you make the right choice. Whether you’re looking to splash out on a Bait Boat, or you’re a non angler shopping for someone who is… is here to help.

Regardless of your experience, we do our best to offer you informative, understandable product reviews and ratings, shortlist the best options, and provide an expanding Blogful of Fishing Advice .

We look forward to presenting your ratings/reviews of coarse fishing tackle on this site.
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