Bite alarms are an increasingly essential piece of fishing tackle, particularly for over night sessions. Some are sold singularly, others you can purchase as bite alarm sets (usually three bite alarms and a receiver). Today’s wireless technology has allowed for great improvement and functionailty particualrly with bite alarm and receiver sets.

Top Bite Alarm Receiver Sets

1.Packed with features ProLogic have not held anything back with their latest alarm and receiver set…[xrr rating=9/10]
Prologic USB Bite Alarm Receiver System

3/4 Bite Alarms & Receiver Set(Wireless)
Prologic Bite Alarms Receiver SetSuperb value for money available with 3 or 4 alarms, and more features then any other…

  • Fully WeatherProofed
  • Up-Light Led detection wheels
  • Silent to Ultra high sonic polyphonic speaker and vibration mode
  • Digital recorder & USB port for loading your own sounds!
  • Powered through rechargeable lithium batteries

Price Range: £99.99 – £289.99

2.Delkim are the masters of the bite alarm world and have been setting the bar for years, of course their quality is reflected in the price …[xrr rating=9/10]
Delkim TX-I Plus Bite Alarm

Single / Set Available
TX-I Plus Delkim Bite AlarmNever miss a bite with the uncompromising reliability of the TX-I Plus bite alarm..

  • Fully WeatherProofed, large easy use controls and clear Leds
  • Advanced Vibration Sensing System: No moving parts, bite indications are received through patented vibration technology.
  • Wide Tone Range & High Volume (100dB Max)
  • Over 1 Year Battery Life
  • 2 Year Guarantee (standard on Delkim Alarms)
  • Anti-theft Alarm

Price Range: £122.49 / single alarm

3.At £100 we were impressed with what this alarm set offered, since then thr price has dropped further and the I-Tone has crept up our rankings…[xrr rating=9/10]
TFG I-Tone Bite Alarm Receiver Sets

3 Bite Alarms Receiver Set (wireless)
TF Gear I-Tone Bite Alarm Set
This alarm set has been around a few years and it’s price has dropped considerably due to TFG developing new models making the I-Tone extremely affordable which combined with it’s performance takes a deserved bronze medal.

  • Reliable yet sensitive circuitry.
  • Easy use volume/tone controls
  • High Visibility Leds
  • Upto 150 metre receiver range

Price Range: £69.99 – £150 (RRP)

4.TFG take a second position in the top line up, with another superb yet affordable bite alarm receiver set…[xrr rating=9/10]
TFG Mag Runner Ignite Alarm Receiver Set

3 Bite Alarm with Receiver Set (wireless)
TFG Mag Runner Ignite Bite Alarms ReceiverThis alarm set has built upon an existing model to improve and offer new features such as the high intensity LED indication wheels, and refined transmissions

  • Fully Weatherproofed.
  • Intense High Visibility Leds
  • Enhanced receiver signal and bite transmission relays
  • Long Battery Life

Price Range: £109 – £199 (RRP)

5.The first set of bite alarms on the market from Nash don’t dissapoint…[xrr rating=9/10]
Nash Siren RS1 Bite Alarm

Single / Alarm & Receiver Set Available
Nash Siren RS1 Bite AlarmNash have brought some innovative ideas and learnt from previous designs to produce a well versed reliable bite alarm. Read a full review on the Nash Siren Rs1 here

  • Prism wheel illumination technology for clear alarm division and indication, available in 5 colours
  • Super Reliability
  • RF Range to 200 metres
  • Long Battery Life

Price Range: £122.49 – £140 (RRP) / single alarm

Bite Alarm Price Variations

The price of bite alarms varies hugely from as little as £5 for a cheap single alarm to over £500 for top of the range bite alarm and receiver sets. We’ve covered some of the more expensive options and others that offer the best value for money starting from only £69 for a full bite alarm and receiver set.
Our collection includes Delkim alarms, Prologic, TF Gear, and Nash bite alarms. Some of these alarms can be purchased singularly, others have to be bought as a set.