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The Carp Fishing Tips Section

The following articles and pages contain a variety of carp fishing tips, tactics and techniques in order to help you catch and put more carp on the bank. If you have any carp fishing tips to contribute, please get in touch.

Stop Crayfish from Eating/Taking Your Baits

They are incredibly annoying, widespread, and infuriatingly clever in their bait stealing tactics; we are of course talking about the infamous crayfish in our fishing waters.

In recent years the American Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) has progressively swept through European fishing waters, including the UK, causing stress, havoc and much grievance amongst anglers.

main-cray1Losing confidence in your tactics is one thing, but being unsure whether there’s even a bait left on the end of your line is even more demoralising. You could be sitting there waiting for a run that might not even be a possibility in the first place, all because a cheeky crayfish has stolen your hook bait Continue reading

How to Catch Carp

Carp Fishing has exploded in popularity over the last couple of decades, and as such a Carp Fishing Tips section has quite rightfully earned its place in in our article library.

There are several different species of Carp in our UK fisheries and rivers. They are an extremely versatile fish, and the methods of catching carp are just as diverse, requiring different approaches depending on time of day, environmental and specie related factors. The techniques to catch carp in stocked fisheries and how to catch carp in rivers can also vary, along with summer and winter carp fishing techniques and approaches.

Ultimately there are numerous ways to fish for carp but most of the time a trial and error approach, along with growing your tactical knowledge and acquiring an understanding of your venue or swim will help yield the best results. Hopefully our carp fishing tips and tactics will get you well on your way to successfully learning how to catch more carp!,/p>

Carp angler Steve Lewington has built a further great free resource to improve your carp fishing knowledge covering rigs, bait, tactics and much more, follow the link below: