Where to Buy Your Fishing Licence

If you fish for salmon, trout, smelt, freshwater fish or eel in England, Wales, Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland, and are over the age of 12 you need a fishing/rod license.

How & Where do I Purchase My Fishing Licences?

The easiest way you can purchase your fishing licence is online from the Post Office. It will then be delivered to you. Follow this link to purchase your rod licence from the Post Office Website:


Alternatively you can also pay online by direct debit on the Environment Agency Website:


These links will take you directly to the Online Rod Licence purchase pages, where you can also find out about alternative payment methods.
(Note – Some websites will charge an additional licence processing fee. Please read Fishing Licence Scams. There is no additional charge if purchased through the Post Office or the Environment Agency).

We recommend purchasing the Full Season Rod Licence. It offers far better value for money than the other options, and will save the hassle of regular renewals. Of course if you are visiting the UK on a fishing holiday, short trip or likewise, you may wish to purchase a shorter term licence. Fishing licences will expire on the 31st March each year.

Why should I Purchase a Fishing Licence?

  • The money that is raised through the sales of fishing licences is used by the Environment Agency to help sustain the future of fishing by improving waterway conditions, fishing facilities, fish stocking and much more (see ‘Where does my Rod Licence Money Go?’ below).
  • Fishing without a rod licence is illegal and unfair on other anglers.
  • If you are caught fishing without a licence you could be fined up to £2500!

Where Does My Fishing Rod Licence Money Go?

Towards the Future of Fishing! The Money accumulated by the EA through fishing licence sales is invested into benefiting anglers in many ways, and is crucial to the development and sustainability of the sport.

The Environment Agency often collaborates with other organisations and partners in order to invest the money in the most suitable and efficient manner possible.

A large majority of the work funded by Rod Licences is put towards boosting fish stocks in both rivers and lakes. The EA run a large fish farm at Calverton in Nottinghamshire which injects an extra 300, 000 coarse fish into our fisheries every year!

Furthering this they invest into regular fish count surveys to ensure good stocks and identify issues. They also produce local fishing guides to help anglers and increase interest in the sport.

Importantly, money is invested into dealing with an increasing demand of call outs and emergencies including rescue missions, and dealing with poachers and licence cheats. It is reassuring to be able to provide hard evidence of this work as the results in 2009 show with over 4,500 offenders being taken to court for fishing related offences.

These successes and future challenges rely on your investment and cooperation in order to improve so please, before you fish, buy a fishing licence!

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