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Want to learn how to fish? Whether you’re a novice or an expert the following tips and fishing techniques will explain the basics, hone your angling skills, and help you catch more fish! Please visit our Fishing Tips Blog for more fishing articles and categories.

Stop Crayfish from Eating/Taking Your Baits

They are incredibly annoying, widespread, and infuriatingly clever in their bait stealing tactics; we are of course talking about the infamous crayfish in our fishing waters.

In recent years the American Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) has progressively swept through European fishing waters, including the UK, causing stress, havoc and much grievance amongst anglers.

main-cray1Losing confidence in your tactics is one thing, but being unsure whether there’s even a bait left on the end of your line is even more demoralising. You could be sitting there waiting for a run that might not even be a possibility in the first place, all because a cheeky crayfish has stolen your hook bait Continue reading

The Best Aspect of Angling

“The only thing better than landing the fish yourself, is watching your pupil, an individual you’ve taught, make the catch”

One of the best aspects of angling is learning, mastering the skills, and then sharing that knowledge and teaching others. When I started fishing more seriously as a young teenager a large majority of what I knew came from helpful anglers down by the banks of various venues who were prepared to offer their time and advice to show me the different methods they were using Continue reading

First Time Buyer – What to look for in a Bait Boat?

Bait Boat Key Features

As far as fishing equipment goes, bait boats are amongst the most exciting bits of kit you’ll probably ever get to purchase. However choosing a bait boat is not an easy decision given the range, prices and sometimes confusing specifications. Here are a few pointers to help steer your decision and to just as importantly help you maintain your bait boat once purchased, keeping it prime for the water.

Continue reading

How to Fish - Fishing Tips & Techniques

The above collection of fishing tips and techniques is designed to give you a basic understanding of how to fish and the different angling equipment that is used in coarse fishing. Please visit our main Blog page for other sections such as specific carp fishing tips and bait tips and tricks.