Pike Fishing Baits – The Bluey (Pacific Saury) Alternative

There is a plethora of deadbaits available that the predatory pike will happily take. Different venues and different seasons often effect how readily or appetising these deadbaits are in the eyes of the Pike, however in the last couple of years a deadbait has made its way onto the market both in the coarse and sea angling scene, with devastating effect regardless of the season…

Blueys – The Ultimate Pike Bait

BLUEYS, also known as the Pacific Saury, hold many similarities with the commonly used mackerel; another superb predator bait, and are an elongated shape. However they exude much more blood and oil attractants than Mackerel, which permeate through the water effectively giving a ‘heads up’ for any nearby Pike!

This means there is no real need for any extra oils for the bait to be dipped or injected with. The size of Bluey deadbaits also means it can be fished in sections, ideally in halves, which naturally allows an easy release of blood and oil into the water. The release of such a high oil and blood content would suggest that they are perhaps more suited to winter climates, however there has also been much success with them in the summer.

Blueys Pike Fishing Bait

Along with their success in sea fishing and with Pike, Blueys are also capable of catching Zander, which is a rarity for sea fishing baits, and once again increases their prowess as a bait. You can expect to pay about £1 per Fish when it comes to Blueys, and considering that you fish them in halves and even less in some cases, they work out to be good value. For where to buy see below:

Where to Buy?

We Recommend ~ Squids In Sea Baits ~ Suppliers of top quality sea fishing baits by mail order to the UK.

Some Fishing Tackle Shops may stock Blueys if they stock a variety of other deadbaits for coarse fishing. However for the best quality and prices its often wiser to purchase by mail order online and as they are a popular sea bait as well they are easily accessible. Squids In Sea Baits our offering a promotion on Blueys at the present time of writing, with a usual price of just £2 for a 3 pack of Blueys.

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