The Best Aspect of Angling

“The only thing better than landing the fish yourself, is watching your pupil, an individual you’ve taught, make the catch”

One of the best aspects of angling is learning, mastering the skills, and then sharing that knowledge and teaching others. When I started fishing more seriously as a young teenager a large majority of what I knew came from helpful anglers down by the banks of various venues who were prepared to offer their time and advice to show me the different methods they were using and increase my knowledge of the sport. Fishing Tuition

The range of information and advice on fishing that we have accessible to us nowadays in books and on the internet is superb and constantly growing, however it cannot compete with actually having someone physically teach you on a one to one basis, being able to ask questions and receive immediate answers.

It is therefore delightful to see organisations such as ‘Get Hooked On Fishing’ supporting and coordinating this type of activity. They not only increase the angling skills of young people but go beyond this to help develop those individuals, by teaching life skills and putting them in a socially interactive environment.

In addition the extra benefits of these schemes especially for young people, is that it diverts them away from the possibility of anti-social behaviour. It enables young people to develop a passion and take a positive and active approach to an outdoor sport.

Of course it is not just the pupils who benefit from such schemes as it also provides the chance for tutors to improve their teaching, interaction, and peer mentoring skills.

It is fantastic to see young people benefiting from these types of opportunity, not only in helping to develop our next generation of anglers, but improving other aspects such as school attendance and social inclusion, and there is little more rewarding than reading the testimonials of individuals who have participated and benefited as a result.

Support Our Organisations

If you would like to support these organisations through donations or offering your teaching skills, we advise you head over to the Get Hooked on Fishing website to find out about the many ways you can contribute and make a difference.

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