Supporting the FFS –Fishing for Success

FFS LogoIn previous articles we’ve looked at the positive impact fishing can have on society, particularly within the younger communities, and focused on the vital roles that organisations and charities play in providing this type of opportunity for people…

The FFS (‘Fishing for Success’) group is a major contributor in this field, going beyond the sport of fishing to educate people about fisheries and aquatic environmental sciences.

They play a hugely importantly role providing their services to tens of thousands of people in Florida, offering help and education to the Floridian community, and furthering this, providing therapeutic recreation for groups such as the ARC.

The FFS’ approach of mentoring and career counselling of youths continues to have a positive impact, which not only deserves recognition but contribution from anglers to continue and extend its resources.

The success of the FFS has expanded past it’s initial focus and reach, leading to the encapsulation of a much wider community of people, and incorporating events such as family days out, fundraising projects, an annual ‘Somethings Fishy’ event, supporting groups such as ARC and various other special programmes and opportunities.

It’s easy to overlook the time and effort that members put into these type of programmes and the service they provide. With an increasing number of participants, funds are instrumental to success and despite constant fundraising, the growing number means investment is always needed. We urge anyway who feels inspired by the work of the FFS organisation to kindly donate…

To make a tax-deductible contribution please make cheques payable to:
‘UF Foundation Inc.-SHARE.’ indicating on the bottom of the cheque that it is for FFS.

Then mail to:
Dr. Daniel E. Canfield Jr.,
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
7922 NW 71st Street
Gainesville, Fl. 32653.
Alternatively get in contact by emailing:
For further information on how you can help.

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