WARNING: Don’t Get Caught Out by Fake Fishing Licence Sites

This is nothing new, but every year people fall victim to fake rod licence sites. There were fake rod licence sites around last year and no doubt there will be next year, but people are still being scammed out of their hard earned cash!

Now then, let’s just clarify what is meant by ‘Fake’ .

There are several websites that have set themselves up to play a completely unnecessary role of the middleman in the straight forward procedure of obtaining a licence.

On top of the standard Rod Licence price (which this year (2012) costs £27 for Trout & Coarse Fish,) these websites will charge you a ridiculous administration fee for ‘checking’ and passing your details onto the EA/Post Office for your licence.

Oh, and did I mention that this is quite possibly the best outcome if you are unfortunate enough to have been duped by one of these sites?

Let’s not forget that there’s always a chance these type of websites are looking to harvest your bank details and other personal information for exploitation!

The only websites you should buy your licence from is the Post Office or Environment Agency sites. For a Trout & Coarse Fishing Licence you should pay £27.

The EA is aware that this kind of scam practice is prevalent and has issued its own warnings out to anglers. The fear is that new anglers are particularly vulnerable so if you have come across any of these types of scam site please mention them in the comments at the bottom of the page, and help get the word out to anglers you know through the social media buttons below. The sooner we all know the better.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Don’t Get Caught Out by Fake Fishing Licence Sites

  1. Louise

    Purchased my husbands licence from RFL, didn’t realise this wasn’t the official site to get a fishing licence. Was charged £47, tried to call to say I had made a mistake but calls went unanswered. Have emailed 3 times and still no reply and no licence yet. Anglers BEWARE!

    1. purpturt Post author

      Sorry to hear about that Louise, you’re certainly not the only one to purchase through rodfishinglicence. Hopefully your experience will prevent it happening to others!


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